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Show Up With Intention!

Some of you may or may not know that I’m an introverted soul.  I need my personal space to function properly and it’s an absolute must that it’s respected and honored. However, sometimes giving in to my desires for solitude can be limiting towards my true experience of life, my connection to other humans, and my WORLDLY goals. How am I suppose to live, love, make memories, and help other others if I’m in isolation all the time? It’s kind of impossible…

So something that has helped me stay mindful and aware about the importance of engaging in the moment, so that I’m not always giving in to my natural inclinations of retreating, was making an affirmation to always show up with an intention; Whether I’m taking a new class at the gym that I’m a little iffy about, or reading a book that isn’t immediately peaking my interest, or attending an event when I don’t really feel up to it. Setting an intention allows me to view each moment as an opportunity to gain something, to fully embrace it with no premeditated limits attached. It provides a purpose that keeps the focus on experiencing, rather than going through the motions or letting my current mood take the forefront.

Think about it for a second.  How often do we put too much meaning in the details surrounding something or the distractions that may arise, instead of the reason for it?  I mean, we all do it.

Recall a time when you attended a party, gathering, or event when you really would’ve rather not. Either it wasn’t the type of crowd you were most comfortable with, you didn’t really want to be around someone (or some people) who’s energy wasn’t vibing with yours at that moment in life, your present tolerance level wasn’t conducive for a drama-free social setting, or maybe you just had a long day.  BUT, for whatever reason (you were bored, you already paid for it, or quite possibly just out of sheer obligation) you attended anyway. Instead of showing up with predetermined hypotheticals that align with your current mental or emotional state, set an intention to use it as an opportunity to connect, make memories, learn something new, network, and if nothing else, as an chance to do some building on the inside.

You can show up with an intention at work.  Maybe you’re completely over your job and the people that you work with.  And as you’re sitting there looking at your computer, your co-workers, and the clock…thinking about how you can’t wait until the short and long hands land on those magical numbers, think about what you could be gaining in that moment. If you’re going to be there anyway, use it as a resource and a stepping stone that’ll put you where you’d rather be.  Focus on your work in a way that will allow you the opportunity to perfect and build your skill set.

You can show up with intention in your relationship.  It’s easy to get into the habit of the day to day and forget that sometimes those unspokens and lack of physical cues go without being assumed.  Set an attention to be more expressive, or a better communicator, or a better listener.

The truth is you can decide to show up with intention in just about everything you do…it can relate to a moment in time or a life long journey.  Just ask yourself, what do I want to take away from this moment…what do I want to gain from this experience?  It can no doubt add value to any given situation, but more importantly it reminds you to focus on the experience and to live intentionally!

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