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Ok guys, I’m just going to come right out and say that I did a terrible job at maintaining balance over the summer.  Hence, me starting a weekly blog, publishing 2 entries, disappearing, and resurfacing with a post almost 4 months later.  I’m human and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was HAD by the summer…fully and completely.  Between no days, hours, or minutes off of being a chef and a maid (summer break is REAL y’all), chauffeuring my son around to football practice, basketball practice, and the thousand sports camps it seems like he participated in this summer, traveling (the preparation alone…arrrgh!), planning parties, attending parties, attending events, activities with the kids, cookouts, play dates, entertaining house guests, and much, much more…I didn’t take enough time out for ME.

I got caught up in the day to day and kind of lost sight of my needs and surrendered to the chaos and recreational-themed life that summer brings (my least favorite season btw…but that’s another story).  Which as a result, completely threw my equilibrium out of whack…mentally, physically, and spiritually. My imbalance was a result of me not taking the time to honor my NEED to be alone in stillness. This allows me the chance to just be, in peace, with a calm mind and spirit, to reflect and mentally reset.  It also keeps me spiritually grounded and connected, and it’s where my creativity is nurtured and my motivation is fueled.

But this summer, my moments of stillness were few and far in between, and my motivation to do anything else seemed like too great of a task to even entertain.  My motivation to write (which I love and need) was basically non-existent…besides the incomplete thoughts I doodled in the notes app on my phone. My motivation to exercise declined…there were literally some days I walked in the gym, went into the locker room, looked in the mirror, and was like “Meh…not today”.  And some days, my patience was a bit fickle with family and friends.  There were many days when my Fiancè got home from work and I ran out the door with my keys in one hand and purse in the other…only to go to Target alone, get me a hot cup of something from Starbucks, and walk down every single aisle in the entire store.

It’s so easy to get caught up the day to day activities of being a parent, a significant other, a professional, family member, or even a friend, and lose perspective of what you need as an individual outside of it all.  Maintaining a healthy balance of the many facets of your life is conducive to living it fully.  For me, my duties as a mom and my time with my children are top priority, but that doesn’t mean mama can’t use a daily whoosa to make sure I’m at my best for them. For others it may be too much work and not enough family time, or too much school and not enough of a social life, or perhaps even too much me time and not enough human communication, or maybe not enough of a spiritual life. And sometimes the imbalance presents itself as a sacrifice, making you feel like you need to neglect one area of your life in order to fulfill another. However it shows up for you, you’ll definitely feel it eventually,  and hopefully you’re able to honor your needs and adjust for a much fuller, happier, and healthier life (mentally and physically).

So, although I missed out on time with myself, I truly enjoyed the summer with my family and friends.  And as hectic as it was, I learned a valuable lesson that I will have locked and loaded, patiently waiting on next summer.  I will NOT be had again!


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