Sometimes You Have to Disconnect in Order to Reconnect...


Living in the 21st Century surely has it's perks! I mean, just shy of 30 years ago there was no internet. How on EARTH were we surviving? You mean to tell me that there was actually a life worth living when we weren't able to tweet every thought that came to mind, SnapChat our entire day, or Facebook endless pictures of our cute kids, as we aim to become the envy of all of our old high school peers?  What does an e-less life even look like? Who remembers?

The internet and world wide web puts the world in the palm of our hands. The "instant gratification" nature of it has created an e-addicted society, resulting in the declining interest in human to human communication. You know, the act of actually picking up a phone to call someone, having real time dialogue, and being able to hear the comforting familiarity in someone's voice instead of an exchange of acronyms and emojis via text message...or, maybe even sitting with the people you love and genuinely enjoying their company, without feeling the burning desire to check your timeline every 5 minutes.

Sit back and think about how much time you've wasted aimlessly browsing social media, online stores, or news sites? My right hand is raised in the sky and I am guilty as charged!  Online retail is sinful!  And I browse for everyone in my house...even the dog.  

But I decided to log off of the WWW and only allow myself the bare related usage only.   The turning point for me, was just realizing how disconnected I had been feeling over the past several months with reality, with nature, and some of the relationships with the people in my life.  So, I decided to log off and take the time to get back in sync with those things.  I had a couple of relapses with online shopping (home goods to be exact)...but I was able to pull myself together and keep it going.

And I have to say, being able to physically pick up a book and read it instead of reading on a device, being able to take a walk outside with my children and just breathe and enjoy the beauty surrounding me instead of taking a picture of it and posting it online, and just being able to sit in stillness and do nothing but enjoy my serenity and peace, was so refreshing.

It's like my senses were reawakened!

I had a renewed appreciation for the birds chirping in the mornings, for the joy I felt when the sun rises and peeks through my windows, for the sound of the wind blowing past my ear, for the construction workers banging and drilling at 6a.m., and even for the morning breath (in all of it's glory) that I'm subjected to by my family every single day.  These things are just a constant reminder for me that life truly is a gift (yes...even the morning breath) and I want to dance in it's essence instead of grazing it's surface.

I'm in no way against the convenience of life that technology has afforded us, but if you ever find yourself feeling like you need a break from it all, take it.

"To hear, one must be silent". - Ursula K. Le Guin

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