"Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude."

Showing Up With Intention

Being someone that's a little more introverted than out,  I need my personal space to function properly.  However, sometimes giving into my desire for solitude, can be limiting towards my true experience of life and connection with others. How am I suppose...READ MORE

Maintaining Balance

I'm married.   I'm a mom of 2.  We have a dog.  I work from home.  I run a blog. I manage a household.  I have extended family.  I have friends.  And...I have hobbies.  So life can get a little hectic!  And making time for everything can be challenging!  However, I know...READ MORE

Love Without Expecting...

We've all been there before...just sitting and reflecting on the disappointment we're feeling caused by a friend, family member, or even a significant other, who didn't show up for us in the way we'd imagined. You know, the same way that...READ MORE

Sometimes You Have to Disconnect...

Living in the 21st Century surely has it's perks! I mean, just shy of 30 years ago there was no internet. How on EARTH were we surviving? You mean to tell me that there was actually a life worth living when we weren't able to tweet every thought...READ MORE