My name is Tanika and I live in Seattle, WA.

And just like many of you mommas out there, I wear many hats.  I work from home as a Production Supervisor for an amazing voiceover company and I'm also a wife and mom of 2...which of course means I'm also a chef, maid, chauffeur, therapist, teacher, nurse, hair stylist, accountant, spiritual advisor, life officer, consultant, esthetician, masseuse, judge, bodyguard, dental hygienist, personal assistant, event planner, and a professional cheerleader!

And no complaints here...I ABSOLUTELY love every bit of it!

But, unless you have the super powers of being able to slow down time or move faster than the speed of lightning, it can be a little challenging trying to balance it all, while still finding time for your side gigs...which for me is exercising, reading, writing, and just pure unadulterated silence.

And to throw another component into my oh SO lively balancing act, I'm blogging; which I absolutely LOVE and decided to start for many reasons.  

Firstly, I love writing!

Always have.  Always will.

It's always been my comfort zone and happy place, giving me ample opportunity to entertain the never-ending hamster wheel of thoughts and ideas in my head (and trust me, there's a whole lot of them).  I also just have a strong appreciation for words and the power that they hold.

Secondly, I love being a facilitator.

I love sharing information and ideas, AND... occasionally giving unsolicited advice.  HAHA! It's me. It's who I am.  And I am NOT ashamed.  

So naturally, I wanted to create a soul-nourishing space where I could bring together my love for writing, sharing, and helping.  Consequently, Live.Laugh.Love.Eat was born!

And here I am...

Welcome, welcome, welcome and THANK YOU for visiting!